Public Presentations


Jussi Ikäheimo (VTT)

Microgeneration and new end-use technologies in ADDRESS, INCA and SEESGEN-ICT

Presented at IEA DSM 17 workshop in Sophia Antipolis, France18th May 2011


Efstathia Kolentini (ICCS-NTUA), Flavio Cucchietti (GeSI-Telecomitatlia)

Footprint of ICT elements and networks in the home and - reducing GHG emission

EEDAL 2011


Giorgio Franchioni (RSE)


Presented at the Session “ICT for SmartGrids with DER: building the European Power System of Tomorrow” – ICT 2010 September 2010


Giuseppe Mauri (RSE), Giorgio Franchioni (RSE)

SEESGEN-ICT: project overview

Presented at EUTC 2009 Budapest – November, 4th 2009


Giorgio Franchioni (RSE)


Presentation of the Project to ICT4SMARTDG – Brussels March 2009


Giorgio Franchioni (RSE)

SEESGEN-ICT: una rete Tematica del Programma CIP ICT PSP

Presentation at the CIP ICT Conference - BARI - March, 10th 2010

Giorgio Franchioni (RSE)


Presentation of the Project Results to the 15th Workshop of ETP Smartgrids WG3 "Demand and Metering/Retail" - Brussels July 2011

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