Work Package 8

WP Leader: RSE

The objective of WP8 is to generate tools and organize initiatives for the widest dissemination and communication of the results of SEESGEN-ICT. This WP also aims at creating the conditions for lobbying actions towards the decision makers concerned with ICT development and implementation of Energy Efficiency in smart grids.

Task  8.1: Organization of Open Conferences. 

Task 8.1 will deal with the presentation of the general objectives of SEESGEN-ICT and detailed objectives of each WP in Thematic Network Meeting (TNM) 1. It will also verify the SEESGEN-ICT roadmap and present the State-of-the-Art and best practices to the invited key stakeholders in TNM 2. Finally, it will take care of the final presentation of SEESGEN-ICT results to stakeholders and decision makers (EC) in TNM 3.

Task 8.2: SEESGEN-ICT Website.

Task 8.2 will take care of the implementation of the official Website for the dissemination of the results and the interaction with Partners and stakeholders.

Task 8.3: Final Proceedings of the Thematic Network.

Task 8.3 will be concerned with the preparation of the final report containing the main results of SEESGEN-ICT, best-practice recommendations and roadmaps for large-scale deployment of advanced ICT solutions to increase energy efficiency in SmartGrids.

Task 8.4: Other dissemination/communication initiatives.

Task 8.4 will promote and organize other dissemination activates besides the Thematic Network events. These initiatives include several meeting at national level with policy makers, energy operators and local conferences, where the results of SEESGEN-ICT will be diffused to potential stakeholders.

  • Success of the Joint Networking Session of SEESGEN-ICT and ICT4SMARTDG at the ICT2010 Event! 

    In the framework of the cooperation of the two CIP-ICT projects a Joint Networking Session took place, under initiative of SEESGEN-ICT at the ICT2010 (Brussels 28th September 2010). About 100 people attended the Session. Click on the Poster for more details on the Event.

    Have a llok ate the Report of the Joint Session.



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